iOS 10.0.2 – iPhone 5S / 6 (x64) Setup.App Patch | New LibiMobileDevice GitHub Update

Today I released the iPhone 5S / 6 (x64) Setup.App Patch for CFW iCloud Bypass Research. The patch is similar to the x32 one osed in the yesterday tutorial, but keep in mind that it requires an x64 device. It was tested on 5S. It does not work with iPads!

Also, today we're discussing about the new LibiMobileDevice update that was published on the official GitHub page. Apparently, there were some issues with iOS 10.0.1 and 10.0.2 that prevented the restores from working with libimobiledevice. People reported ASR errors while trying to update to a clean, untouched firmware, and apparently, that is fixed in the latest version.

If you know how to compile the project yourself, you are advised to do it, if you don't, I will make the binaries and I will also update the Firmware Manager tomorrow.

Keep in mind that the GitHub page doesn't contain the compiled binaries, but the source code you can use to compile them.

Not affiliated in any way with LibiMobileDevice project.

==Download Section==
Setup.App (x64) Patch:
LibiMobiledevice Github:

iOS 10.0.2 CFW Creation Tutorial (x32) (can be adapted for x64):

F.A.Q Page (READ IT!):

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