iOS 10.3 B3 – iPhone 5S CFW iCloud Bypass Setup.App Patch

In today's video we have some important things to discuss about iOS 10.3 Beta, its APFS new format, and I present you the Setup.App Patch for iPhone 5S for CFW iCloud Bypass. The iOS 10.3 Beta 3 was already released by Apple and is available on The iPhone Wiki. As a reminder: iOS 10.3 Beta uses Apple's new File System format: APFS for the DMG files which means you can't open them on Windows for the moment until apps like TransMAC or PowerISO are updated to also support it. You can use macOS Sierra tho. APFS was introduced in Sierra so Sierra is compatible with it. After a discussion with PowerISO team, they reassured me APFS support will be considered for the next releases.

==Important Resources==
Setup.App Documentation:
F.A.Q. Page (Seriously, read it!):
About APFS:


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