iOS 10.2 – How to Full iCloud Bypass iPhone 5S / 6 with CFW + Proofs (Windows)

In this tutorial I will walk you through the process of CFW creation for iCloud Bypass on iOS 10.2. The Beta 4 (which is most likely the last beta / release of iOS 10.2) was released yesterday by Apple and apparently, is more vulnerable than 10.1.1. 
I already released today the Setup.App so that you can use it with this patch. You also need Lilo app for this tutorial.

Pay attention to the video and don't skip too much because you might lose important commands. Don't assume you already know that, chances are you don't.
WARNING! Reading the F.A.Q. page linked down bellow is part of the prerequisites! Don't start before getting briefed on what you can do with this project and which devices might be compatible. This is a work in progress and should be treated as one.

Not affiliated in any ways with Apple Inc. This tutorial is provided for Security Research and Educational use ONLY.

This tutorial can be tried from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S Plus. Not all variants of these devices are compatible. I recommend checking the devices chart.

Setup.App Patch:
Lilo App (Updated Link):
Cydia Impactor:
Firmware Manager:

iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 Tutorial:

F.A.Q Page (READ IT!):


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