How to fix iPhone 4 No Service After iCloud Bypass on iOS 7.1.2 (GSM)

In today's video I created the December Update of the No Service fix for bypassed iPhone 4. When you bypass the iCloud Activation on the iPhone 4, the result is a fully functional iPhone but you can't place any calls or send any messages, here's where this fix may come in handy.

The instructions given are easy to use but you have to act quickly. From my previous experience, all such fixes stopped working a day (or even less) after posting them due to Apple patching the issue server-side. Carrier Bundles are usually signed with a certificate that Apple can revoke or renew (thus making the old one useless) at any time.

Everything you need is in the archive down bellow, keep in mind that this is only compatible with iPhone 3,1. I don't have a 3,2 or a 3,3 so I can't carry out tests for these versions. iPhone 3,1 is actually iPhone 4 GSM while 3,2 is Rev.A and 3,3 is CDMA.

If you tried this method and did not work for you it was most likely patched by Apple already or you tried an incompatible iPhone or you bypassed with other video than mine.

The pack:

ONLY works with this bypass tutorial:


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