iOS 10.1.1 – How to install real Mac OS on iPhone using vMac [No Jailbreak]

In today's video I am going to show you how to install REAL Mac OS on iOS 10.1.1 or any other iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod without NO Jailbreak. The process is kinda simple, and it is extremely nice to have such a great operating system as the first Mac OS running on your iPhone. It is even more interesting the fact that you don't need to Jailbreak it for this.

In order to do this, you will need to install the latest version of Xcode first (to be able to build and edit the loader).

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The loader is called vMac and it is actually cross platform. It supports Windows, and iOS as well. The project is open source so, if you want to take a look at the source, it is available on GitHub.

Mini vMAC:
Boot Image:

Xcode (if you don't have it):

 Install themes No Jailbreak:
Install iFile No Jailbreak:

Reverse Engineering:


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