How To Install OS X 10.2 On Your Windows PC using PearPC (No VirtualBOX)

In today's video, I will show you something you've wanted for quite a log time, how to install / run OS X 10.2 on Windows without VirtualBox. This method is simple, fast, compatible and does not require messing with Virtual BOX's peculiar settings. Although OS X 10.2 is an older version, it provides access to all important MAC apps that you might need for iCloud Bypass CFW Creation or any other task, for example: Terminal, Disk Utility with support for DMG files and so on.

So, now you can easily follow my OS X tutorials even if you don't have a MAC. I started this in the video on a 2 GB  RAM MAC with Screen Recorder also shooting and it worked with no issues, so there is no huge memory load as you would need on VirtualBOX.

Unfortunately, due to legal concerns I can't upload the OS X IMG file, you will need to google it yourself, it is easy to find anyways. I hope you understand.

PearPC + Configs:
PearPC Project Page:

Reverse Engineering Playlist:

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