iOS 11 NEW Hidden Features And Dark Mode Review

In today's video we're going to take a look at some of the hidden features in iOS 11. There are plenty of such features that Apple made no note of during the keynote, so we'll get to see some interesting new features iOS 11 final version might improve.

The so called "Dark Mode" was maybe one of the most rumored and awaited feature of iOS 11, only that it did not come to iOS 11. See, the Dark mode does exist, and as I've shown in this video, the interface does get dark while the images and icons remain intact, but the "Dark Mode" is not what people have expected nor is very useful in my opinion. It is an improved version of "Inverted Colors" so it really needs some improvement.

Speaking about hidden features, some of them are quite nice, Safari for example got some important yet undocumented improvements. The scrolling of the page is now smooth and fast, compared to the iOS 10 and lower versions where it is chunky. The loading progress bar has now been integrated in the address bar, making it look nice. The HTML 5 video  / audio player has also been redesigned completely and it looks good, with easier access to the controls.

There is finally an option for devices with broken power button. Inside the settings, you can now find a Shut Down option that will act as your power button and will show the Shut down slider. There are some neat little features that Apple has added, for example, the ability to move multiple Apps at the same time, or a better storage breakdown chart in the settings, so iOS 11 looks very promising even if it is in Beta 1.

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