How To Edit & Record Videos Professionally With DemoCreator on macOS and Windows For Beginners

In today’s video, I will show you how to record and edit videos professionally using Wondershare’s DemoCreator toolkit. DemoCreator works on Windows and macOS, and it has a built-in video recording feature which can record your camera, your screen, and various audio sources, and it also includes a built-in video editor with dozens of transitions and effects to choose from. Unlike bigger video editing tools, this one is easy to use and provides ready-made templates for titles, lower thirds, and more.

DemoCreator has multiple video exporting capabilities which make it suitable for video enthusiasts as well as small YouTubers getting started with their channel and making videos on a budget. While it certainly has features missing compared to a professional video editor, most of the missing features I have only used once in my life for my particular channel. The program breezes through MP4 files on my old iMac 2011 and the encoding while taking its sweet time to complete, is done relatively quickly.

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