How to easily Edit, Convert, Annotate and Merge PDF files professionally on macOS with PDFelement 7

If you have a desk job, you are a student, or you like to keep your documents neatly organized, then you are very likely quite familiar with PDF files. They are particularly useful because they retain the formatting of the documents regardless of the computer you view them on, something that DOCX, DOC and PAGES files do not. Whether it's your tax forms, your term paper, your letter to your friend Mark or your essay about how good is the oxygen for the planet, you are likely going to save it in PDF because, well, it's just better. There is, however, a big caveat to PDF files – they cannot be edited after you save them. They are intended to be sent, viewed, printed, but not easily edited, unlike a DOCX file. So what if you made a mistake? Is it all gone? Normally yes, you'd need to open the original DOCX or PAGES document (if you still have it, that is), and to modify the typos, then you'd have to re-export the file into PDF format which takes time, and it may not be possible if you lost or removed the original DOCX file already.

There are, fortunately, solutions to overcome this problem and one of the best solutions is called PDFelement 7, a Wondershare tool that allows you to carry out a lot of modifications to an otherwise uneditable PDF file. Their tool which is available for both Windows and macOS users can make editing a PDF file just as easy as opening the originating DOCX file. With a powerful editing toolset and a beautifully done interface, PDFelement 7 shines at making professional or casual PDF document edits easy and fast. The program's main features are:


  • The ability to edit PDF files – everything from changing the font, font size and typeface to adding pictures, signatures, and stamps.
  • The ability to annotate PDF files. You can annotate, highlight and comment the document so that you can be sure the part you're interested on, shines through the document.
  • The ability to convert PDF files. If you want to do a reverse and get a DOCX or PAGES file from your PDF document, with PDFelement it is as simple as three mouse clicks.
  • The ability to merge multiple PDF files, add pages to a PDF or add a whole new PDF to another. Imagine writing a whole document, saving it in PDF and then remembering you forgot to add that extra page. Now it's as simple as a few mouse clicks.
  • OCR Text recognition. Another interesting feature of PDFelement 7 is the OCR Text recognition feature which helps it obtain an editable document from a scanned image given that the image is clear and in good focus. This does help a lot with scanned documents as you no longer have to type them out manually into a digital format. It's 2019 after all.
  • Form editing and watermarks. If you ever wanted to edit forms in PDF format, now you can quite easily with PDFelement. Adding a watermark is also as simple as a few mouse clicks.


Editing your PDFs should not be a hard process that takes time. The document in the image up above is a PDF file I've created for demonstration purposes. It contains a pretty standard Helvetica font, a graph, and a few colored lines so that the document involves multiple editing points. The magic of PDFelement only comes into play when you realize that you can do absolutely whatever you want with the whole document. I can modify anything from the font to the percentages in the graph or the label of the graph. Yes, on a PDF file. This is something that most people need to do at some point due to how common PDF documents are nowadays in the modern era of the internet and digital documents. Check out how easy it was for me to completely modify an otherwise uneditable PDF document with just a few mouse clicks, thanks to the quick and easy to use user interface of PDFelement 7 which lays every editing tool in its own category for ease of use.

In conclusion, PDFelement 7 is a great tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you are a student writing a lot of term papers, essays, or you work a desk job and you have to mess with PDF documents and forms quite often. PDFelement's ability to quickly carry out all kinds of edits to the otherwise uneditable documents and the fact that it is available on both Windows and macOS, two of the most popular operating systems in the world is a very good thing. During my tests, PDFelement responded well to all kind of PDF files in all kind of languages, with graphs, images, tables and even forms. Currently, Wondershare have a nice productivity giveaway. By sharing PDFelement with your friends you get a free 10 planner templates pack for tracking your plans and your productivity. They are beautifully done and can easily be edited in PDFelement. If PDFelement sounds great to you, here is a 50% off discount 🙂


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