How To Edit ANY PDF Files on Your Mac / macOS | PDFelement Express Review

In today's video, I am going to review a program called PDFelement Express for macOS which is pretty much a PDF editor that can handle those pesky uneditable PDF files produced by other programs right on your Mac. As you probably know, PDF files are not really meant to be editable. While other software can be used for this purpose, it is often times too expensive and the compatibility is not always there.

Express seems to stay true to the task of editing those PDFelementpdfs. During my tests, I feed the program with a PDF that contained both images, text with specific formatting and various other elements. Naturally, you would not be able to edit those on Pages or Word because although this software can handle exporting the documents to PDF, they can't handle editing the documents without losing the formatting or the layout. PDFelement Express seems to be able to edit the text and the images very well can add new pages in between existing ones, can add images, links, text forms, signatures, stamps, and other such items to an existing document and it can easily highlight text.

Sometimes the font used in the pdf file may not be existing on your computer for various reasons. In that case, PDFelement Express will attempt to substitute with the next most similar font existing on the computer, a nice touch I'd say. There weren't really any troubles I encountered during the testing. The program supported macOS High Sierra well and did not crash during our testing.

PDFelement Express was testes successfully on macOS El Capitan on a MacBook Pro all the way up to macOS Mojave on an iMac, so it should be pretty stable in terms of stability and compatibility. For those of you who may need a bit more horse-power in terms of editing options and templates and more stamps, etc. Wondershare also provides PDFelement 6, a powerful sibling of PDFelement Express that is geared more towards businesses where heavy PDF usage is expected. Both PDFelement 6 and PDFelement Express can edit those pesky PDF files nonetheless, and Wondershare is currently running a sale where you can get the software for 50% off.

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