New JAILBREAK Exploit RELEASED (tfp0) For ALL Devices! Has Great Stability! (For iOS 13.7 to 13.5.1)

In this video, I have huge news for those of you waiting for a Jailbreak, including those on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, XR, etc. ZecOps have finally released, as I predicted, their LPE Kernel Exploit which grants us tfp0 and can be used to update any of the existing jailbreaks, including for A12 and A13 devices.

The exploit works on iOS 13.7 and lower, and it can provide tfp0, SSH, and the KASLR slide. More than enough to be able to update the jailbreaks that currently only support iOS 13.5 and lower. And according to those who have tested, the exploit is very stable, compared to the one released by @_simo36.

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