NEW iOS 14.2 / 14.1 / 14.0 FutureRestore RELEASED! For Downgrades / Jailbreak Purposes With SHSH2

If you are interested in downgrading your iOS device, or you wanna be able to update to the next jailbroken version in the future, a brand new version of FutureRestore was released. This tool takes advantage of the SHSH2 blobs you saved while an iOS version was still signed and allows you to downgrade back to that version if certain conditions are met. This allows you to downgrade/upgrade to a jailbreakable version in the future.

Of course, downgrades are not possible (at least not untethered ones) without saved SHSH2 blobs, so it’s a good practice to save them while you can. Right now, at the time I am making this video, iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.1 are signed. Between the two, iOS 14.1 is definitely better for a future jailbreak, so I would advise you to save the blobs, now that FutureRestore for iOS 14 is released.

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