New iOS 10.3.3 / 10.3.1 JAILBREAK To Be Released By Adam Donenfeld?

In today's video we're discussing about something that made headline news both on reddit and on some iOS specific news platforms, the fact that security researcher behind the ziVA iOS Kernel Exploit, Adam Donenfeld, may be releasing a jailbreak in the future.

It has all started from a post on twitter. A random person asks Adam "eta jb" probably in a satirical manner, but Adam's answer is a bit unexpected, he replies with "Well I successfully used both triple_fetch and ZiVA together, and the KPP bypass still works, so technically I could work on that". After this, everybody started to think that Adam will come up with a Jailbreak, this has even been featured on ModMy. 
Later that day, Adam follows that up with a new comment stating "I don't think you understand, I never said I am going to work on a JB. I never said I wanted to do it now. I just said it is possible." which pretty much confirms the fact that he's not actually planning on building a jailbreak anytime soon.

However, due to the initial comment, a lot of people are confused whether we should expect any jailbreak for Adam, so I decided to make this video to clarify things up. Although Adam is a security researcher, and he has released ziVA Kernel Exploit back in the late August this year, he's currently not into jailbreaks, and with all the weird, spammy questions that jailbreak developers have to deal with, it is not a surprise Adam isn't very keen on promoting himself as a jailbreaker.

On the other hand, from his comments we realize that the current amount of publicly available exploits are enough for at least one new jailbreak for at least one superior (iOS 10.2.1 or upper) firmware, and that confirms the fact that project Saigon (which is an iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak) has a chance to get fixed and working.

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