iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10 JAILBREAK on 32-Bit: WILL IT EVER COME?

In this video we're discussing about the current status of the iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10.x #JAILBREAK on the 32-Bit devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S, or even iPod Touch 5th Generation and some iPads. You can always check the latest Jailbreak Updates here.

These devices have been left behind for quite some time by the jailbreakers so it has to be explained. Normally, when a Jailbreak drops, it supports a vast majority of devices. For granted, supporting all devices that exist is really a hard task since the jailbreaker or the jailbreak team (like Pangu Jailbreak team or TAIG) have to have all these devices (or require various developers to perform tests) before they can release anything since a badly made jailbreak can bootloop (read brick) the device.

The 32-Bit devices are currently #jailbroken up to iOS 9.3.4 which is the second before last version of iOS one some of them (I am talking here about the 32-Bit devices capable of running at best iOS 9.3.5 – like iPhone 4S). Why there isn't an iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak? or at least an iOS 10 jailbreak? 64-Bit devices got a big number of jailbreaks like #YaluJailbreak and #PanguJailbreak, why 32-Bit devices were left out?




It is easy: These 32-bit devices tend to be highly obsolete nowadays and not huge number of people still use them as daily drivers. For a developer to build a 32-Bit and a 64-Bit jailbreak the workload has double which isn't worth considering the fact that these devices are slow and not widely used anyways. This is of course a very bad situation for those who do own such devices.

Is there a chance?
YES! There is a chance for a future jailbreak on 32-Bit devices, and it is not me the one who claims that, it is Stefan Esser, a known iOS security researcher who has been involved in past jailbreaks. In the video I explain more about this so be sure to watch the video and ask any questions you might have afterwards.



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