iOS 9.3.3 BETA 4 SEEDED – Apple Is Delaying Jailbreak Purposefully?

After iOS 9.3's release, Apple seem to be very busy fixing them bugs. iOS 9.3.1 haven't brought any new features, just major bug fixes. iOS 9.3.2 was kinda in the same boat. All their BETAS had only, BUG FIXES.
Aside of the incident when iOS 9.3.2 Release Build rendered the iPad Pro 9.7-Inch unusable, there were no bugs spotted by anyone, though, Apple is continuously fixing bugs. Why?

iOS 9.3.3, as for Beta 4, seem not to have any new features as well. On the Developer Portal, which now is no longer accessible for public or for FREE Developers, Apple included a change log for iOS 9.3.3 BETA 4 that says: "Bug Fixes". Nothing less, nothing more.

So, a very big question started to raise: Is Apple trying to delay the Jailbreak as much as possible with those Dummy Betas? If yes, why? Jailbreak was here since the very first build of iOS, why would they try to get rid of it just now?

iOS 10 Beta 1 already shows a big effort from Apple to improve their visual design. A lot of new and cool features were introduced, so what's the point of iOS 9.3.3 if iOS 10 will be released and no downgrades are possible?

Well, iOS 9.3.3 will be the latest version for A5 SoC devices, and they must make it bulletproof, but even with that in mind, it is still strange that we get a lot of BETAS for iOS 9.3.3, which will kinda die very soon (as iOS 10 is already on Beta 2).

Why is Apple spending their time and development resources on a firmware that won't even have a long life on anything greater than iPhone 5.

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