iOS 10.2 How to Run Game Boy (GBA) Games (GBA4iOS Emulator)

Today, I'll show you how to install and run GBA4iOS WITHOUT Jailbreak and play Game Boy Advance / Game Boy / Game Boy Color (GBA /GB/ GBC) games (ROMS) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 10.2 or iOS 10.1.1 (or any other).
This emulator works pretty darn well, and the games move very smooth. 

If you ever had a Game Boy when you were a teenager, you probably know what I am talking about. Those old games used to came in cartridges, in fact, I still have the cartridges with the games that I used in the video.

GBA4iOS is bound to be replaced in the future with Delta, an even more powerful emulator from the same author, but you can, of course have them both.
I was quite surprised of the gameplay quality using this emulator, almost felt like a real Game Boy, which is great and these games are usually small, so even a 16 GB iPhone can handle thousands of games.

Official GBA4iOS website:

Shoutouts to Riley Testut for making this incredible app!


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