How to STOP ++ Apps and Modified Apps from Getting REVOKED – NO JAILBREAK

Finally a solution for the infamous problem of ++ and modded games and apps getting revoked by Apple and crashing. We all know where to find such apps, they usually come packed with a lot of cool features, mods, hacks for games and so on, but Apple doesn't really like that. On iOS, all code has to be signed, by an entity, Apple itself or a developer via a developer certificate. Normally, these ++ apps you get from AppValley, iNoJB, TweakBox and so on, are signed with enterprise certificates which are a bit different than normal single developer certificates.

Apple can, of course, detect who's certificate is the one used to sign a specific 3rd party app and they can revoke it server-side. Once revoked, the application will no longer start on any of the devices having that certificate. Anti Revoke VPN is a new solution that prevents exactly that from happening.

You just need to install the VPN profile, make sure it is configured properly (look for the "Enabled" confirmation) and you are pretty much good to go.

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