How to fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (1st of January 1970 glitch) without restore

How to fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (due to 1/1/1970 glitch) without restore
There is a lot to say about this glitch. Apparently, if you go to Settings on your iOS device and set the date to 1st of January 1970, after you restart the phone it will get stuck at the Apple Logo.

This happens because iOS is an UNIX based OS, and 1st of January 1970 is considered by UNIX, the Epoch.

Apparently, simply connecting the device to your computer and having iTunes restoring it doesn't work. Some have tried DFU MODE restore, without success.

The problem resides in the PRAM. The date and the time is being saved in the PRAM, so what you need to do is to reset this up. You can do that by either letting the phone's battery drainc ompletely, but this may take days, or simply unscrew the screws, take the screen off and disconnect the battery then reconnect it again after 10 seconds. This will fix the device, but be careful while taking the screen off, it is very sensitive!

You can watch the following video for more details 🙂

By following this method, you are not required to restore, therefore, the data remains intact.



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