iOS 15.1.1 – 14.6 A12+ JAILBREAK Coming: IMPORTANT Info + Best iOS To Stay On! (ALL DEVICES)

In today’s video, we have some important clarifications and info about the iOS Jailbreak vulnerabilities patched in iOS 15.2 and what iOS versions will be supported by an upcoming jailbreak once the kernel exploit announced yesterday by brightiup will be released in 2 months. Yesterday’s iOS 15.2 release brought major news for the jailbreak community as multiple iOS vulnerabilities patched in iOS 15.2 can be used to jailbreak anything from iOS 15.1.1 down to iOS 14.6 on all devices.

iOS 15.1.1 is indeed included. I forgot to mention it yesterday because only iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have iOS 15.1.1 available for them. The rest of the devices have iOS 15.1 still signed. In any case, iOS 15.1.1 is still supported by brightiup’s kernel exploit so no issues whatsoever. In this video, I am also clarifying some of the other questions I got about the next jailbreak and what version is most suitable to stay on.

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