NEW iOS 14.0 PANGU JAILBREAK Achieved With SSH On A12 / A13 (etc) | Should You Update to iOS 14?

In today’s video, we’re discussing #Pangu Jailbreak Team’s latest iOS 14 Jailbreak achievement, as they have demonstrated an iOS 14 Jailbreak for A13 and A12 devices (iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, etc.) just hours after Apple officially released iOS 14 publicly out of Beta. Pangu’s Jailbreak is even more impressive if we take into consideration that they also have SSH on iOS 14 on the latest iPhone.

Pangu Team is known in the jailbreak community for their very good quality jailbreak tools released for iOS 7 up to iOS 9.3.3 back in the days. Most of Pangu Jailbreaks were Untethered too, so very very experienced security researchers. Lately, after a rather long hiatus, Pangu Team seems to be interested again in jailbreaking iOS, although no words for now on Public Releases.

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