iOS 14.0 / 13.7 / 13.5.1 IMPORTANT JAILBREAK News & New RCE Exploit RELEASED Publicly!

In today’s video, we’re discussing the latest iOS 14.0, iOS 13.7, iOS 13.6.1, iOS 13.6, and iOS 13.5.1 JAILBREAK updates for A12 and A13 devices. I have talked once again with developer @08Tc3wBB and learned new things related to iOS 14 support about their upcoming exploit. Also, a brand new RCE exploit was released by @DanyL931 and @pimskeks which supports iOS 13.7 and lower.

As it turns out, the exploit, although patched in iOS 14.0, may STILL be updatable for iOS 14.0. Only one important component was patched in iOS 14.0, not the whole thing. I have asked @08Tc3wBB via private DMs whether the exploit can have that broken/patched component replaced to make it work on iOS 14.0 and the answer was indeed surprising. Note that this video applies mostly for iPhone XS, iPhone Xs Plus, iPhone 11, SE 2020, etc, but it’s not limited to them. Older ones are indeed included.

As I discovered when I contacted @@08Tc3wBB, they are going to release an exploit that will allow Unc0ver Jailbreak to be updated for sure, for iOS 13.7 and lower. As for iOS 14, if the broken component can be replaced, we might make it work there too.

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