iOS 13.3.1 / 13.3 / 13.0 CheckRa1n JAILBREAK No COMPUTER / No Mac Method Now Available! (Portable)

In today’s video, I have very good news for those of you using CheckRa1n Jailbreak. A no-computer / no laptop / no Mac method is now available which allows you to take CheckRa1n just about everywhere you go. Using a powerful development board, developers have achieved a small portable dongle that can jailbreak your phone on the go with #CheckRa1n without requiring a computer, signing, MacOS or any of that stuff. Just the dongle and your USB cable.

The idea is basically to use an existing development board that runs a flavor of Linux and to have it configured in a way that it automatically jailbreaks your device when you plug it in. The best part is that the developer of this provides the operating system image for the dongle so that literally all you have to do is to put the dongle in its metal enclosure, and put the operating system image on your SD card and plug it in. That’s all. It has CheckRa1n and everything it needs to function right on that. Since CheckRa1n is a semi-tethered Jailbreak based on a USB exploit, this is the best we can get in terms of portability.

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