iOS 12.4 / 12.2 / 12.1.3 Unc0ver JAILBREAK For A12 RELEASE With Remount + Huge Progress (iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR)

In today’s video, I have great news coming from the Unc0ver Jailbreak Team and Pwn20wnd. If you are using an A12 device (iPhone XS, XS Max or iPhone XR), you would be pleased to know that Pwn and his team are making huge progress towards bringing tweaks to iOS 12.4 and iOS 12.2 on these devices that were previously left unjailbroken by both Chimera Jailbreak and Unc0ver due to the lack of a PAC bypass. Pwn20wnd has released just a few hours ago a new Unc0ver Jailbreak build which has a working remount and restores for the ROOT FS on A12 devices without a PAC bypass. This in combination with the SSH and Root Shell introduced in the previous version already allows some degree of customization on A12 phones.

Of course, we still need some work before tweaks would run, but Pwn20wnd has announced that he has already achieved code injection for the user applications without a PAC bypass and he is currently updating his substitute and unrestrict frameworks so that they no longer need a PAC bypass at all. This is massive and would deem the A12 devices much easier to jailbreak, at least for now.

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