In today's video, we're discussing a new exploit for iOS 11.2 up to iOS 11.2.2 that will soon be released by Zimerium. They've announced the exploit on their blog yesterday, and it apparently consists in two different vulnerabilities on bluetoothd daemon. The vulnerabilities seem to affect iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. 

Since currently there is no publicly available exploit for iOS 11.2, iOS 11.2.1 or iOS 11.2.2, this exploit will come as a very important release for the jailbreak community. The exploit is not compatible with iOS 11.2.5 since Apple has apparently patched it in this particular version, so if you're currently running iOS 11.2.5, it is best to downgrade to iOS 11.2.2 if interested in jailbreaking.

Zimperium has stated on their blog that a write-up and the full exploit source code will be soon released, which means we're going to have the full documentation that we need in order to understand the exploit. Coolstar stated a while ago that using an exploit that is powerful enough, Electra can be updated to work with iOS 11.2 and newer. If this exploit is what it takes, we might be able to soon get tweaks and themes through Anemone working on iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2.2.

Needless to say that at this point in time, you should avoid updating your iOS version past iOS 11.2.2. If you're running iOS 11.2.5, downgrade NOW. Apple will not keep the signing window open for so long now that the exploit will become public domain.

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