iOS 11.x/iOS 10.x Jailbreak UPDATE (November Week 2) | Keenlab Jailbreak, iOS 10.3.3 Signed

In today's video, we're discussing the current status of the iOS 11.x and iOS 10.x Jailbreak, as in the past couple of days, a lot of things have taken place. A few days ago Keenlab has demonstrated at POC 2017 conference, a new iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak working on the new iPhone X. This is definitely astonishing, especially since they've managed to jailbreak the newest iPhone very fast. Normally the jailbreak was intended for iOS 11.1, but Apple has released iOS 11.1.1 to fix the weird auto-correct bug and the security contents remained unchanged, therefore making the jailbreak compatible with the latest version of iOS to date.

In my previous video, I talked about the fact that Keenlab and Liang Chen may not make this jailbreak publicly. This is also backed up by a reply posted by Marco Grassi of Keenlab on Reddit Jailbreak, in which he states that the jailbreak is Liang Chen's own work and he doesn't know anything about any releases soon or in the future.

At least, now we know that iOS 11 and iPhone X are definitely jailbreakable, therefore I'd recommend you not to update past iOS 11.1.1 if you already jumped to iOS 11. If you're still on iOS 10.x or iOS 10.3.x, I would recommend against updating to iOS 11.

For iPhone 6S, there is an interesting surprise,  iOS 10.3.3 is still signed to this date for some reason. Only for iPhone 6S. iOS 10.3.3 has been released back in July, so it has been signed for a few months now – definitely not usual for Apple. If you're running iOS 11 on an iPhone 6S, you are still able to downgrade through iTunes. I would also recommend saving the SHSH2 tickets.

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