iOS 11.4 b3/11.3.x/11.2 NEW JAILBREAK DETECTION BYPASS (Fortnite, Pokemon Go, etc.) BIG NEWS

In today's video, I have very good news for those of you who are waiting for a jailbreak detection bypass for your favorite apps that do not work anymore because you're jailbroken with Electra Jailbreak on #iOS 11.2 all the way up to iOS 11.4 Beta 3. @umanghere, one of the Electra Team members has announced the project Libertas, which is a big tweak that works to disable the jailbreak detection on over 90 popular applications.

The jailbreak detection is as old as the Jailbreak itself, it consists in a method of denying the service to any jailbroken user usually by detecting the components of a Jailbreak (Cydia, binaries, dummy files, etc), by checking for R/W access or even by detecting tweak injection and other more sophisticated methods.

The worst part is that the #Jailbreak #detection in the apps that come with such thing doesn't stop when your jailbreak is disabled. If you reboot your phone, even if the jailbreak is not active, the applications and games like Fortnite and so on will still detect the fact that your device is Jailbroken because the jailbreak files are still there.

Umang's project helps fix the issue to allow jailbroken users to still run the incompatible applications. This is good news for the Electra users.

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