iOS 11.2.x/11.3.x BIG JAILBREAK UPDATE: iOS 11.3 Unsigned, Important Changes, What You Should Do

In today's video, I've decided to recap some of the major events that happened in the past weeks in the jailbreak community so that you can make an educated guess on which version you should stay on, and we also have some important news to talk about. One of the biggest changes is that iOS 11.3, an already jailbroken (privately) firmware is no longer signed by Apple following their release of iOS 11.4 Beta 3.

That's right, #Apple stopped signing iOS 11.3 which means that you can no longer update your device to it. Attempting to update through iTunes will get you to the latest version which at the time of making this video iOS 11.3.1. The difference between iOS 11.3.1 and #iOS 11.3 (in terms of security and therefore jailbreaking) is discussed in-depth in the video. To make it short, Ian Beer's Crash Reporter vulnerability that was released for the general public a few days ago and can be presumably used for sandbox escaping in a jailbreak is patched on iOS 11.3.1. This means that iOS 11.3 and lower can still use the vulnerability. There are also 3 other vulnerabilities. Some are WebKit based. I would say that unless one of these vulnerabilities play a key role in a #jailbreak, what works on iOS 11.3 should also do for iOS 11.3.1with ease.

Brandon Azad also followed up to his tweet about his userspace tool for iOS 11.2.6 confirming it is not a kernel exploit but it does help you to pop a shell which might be the most powerful iOS 11.2.6 and lower (down to 11.2) exploit to date. It may be possible to start a Houdini-like tool based on it but it is too early to say for sure.



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