In today's video, we're discussing a new vulnerability for iOS 11.3 that has been announced as 0day by Min (Spark) Zheng on Twitter. According to him, this vulnerability has survived from the previous iOS 11.2.x versions. As you probably know, iOS 11.3 has closed quite a lot of vulnerabilities present in iOS 11.2.x including three kernel vulnerabilities. One of these kernel vulnerabilities will get a write-up from the security researcher who found it, unfortunately, in 3 months due to the agreements with Apple.

This is important from the jailbreak standpoint because it goes up to show the fact that even iOS 11.3 is vulnerable and may be jailbroken at some point. It is currently unknown whether Min (Spark) Zheng will publish any write-up or details about the 0day, but even if he does, I still recommend staying on iOS 11.2.6 or lower if you are interested in jailbreaking your iPhone in the foreseeable future.

For the moment, iOS 11.2.6 is still signed, which means that you can still downgrade if you made the mistake to update your device. iOS 11.2.6 will definitely get a write-up for a kernel vulnerability, whereas iOS 11.3 may or may not receive a write-up for the 0day Min has.
iOS 11.2.x is a way safer bet for the moment for jailbreak purposes.
Anyways, still very cool to see that after so much patching, Apple still managed to miss one vulnerability.

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