In today's tutorial, I am gonna show you how to fix the dreaded DPKG_LOCKED error on the Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 all the way down to #iOS 11.0. The error is usually appearing in #Cydia when you try to install or upgrade any package and it is most of the time accompanied by a few yellow warnings related to files that cannot be opened or to DPKG itself. the DPKG stands for Debian Package and it handles the .deb packs which most tweaks on iOS are. This is an important component of the Cydia backend and without it, nothing can be installed.

The errors on #Electra #Jailbreak are common because, for some reason, many people are resetting the contents and the settings of the device, which is something that should never be done on a jailbroken device. Fortunately, the fix is not very hard, at least not on Electra, however, it does require a PC and a stable SSH connection with the phone to be able to completely uninstall Electra and all the additional files that are now no longer working and producing errors. To do that we use delectra, an unjailbreak script published by developer KirovAir on GitHub.

After the script runs and clears all Electra-related files, you can simply reboot and Jailbreak again with Electra. At this point, everything including Cydia and its backend helpers like DPKG and APT should have been re-installed and re-configured to work properly. You will most likely get an error about the repo666.ultrasnow. If you do, just remove the repo completely.

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