iOS 11.2.x/11.1.x ELECTRA JAILBREAK: Very Important Update & News

In today's video, we're discussing the latest news around the development of the Electra Jailbreak. Coolstar, the developer of Electra has made a series of tweets in the past couple of hours that are addressing the future of the Electra Jailbreak. He is apparently upset over the fact that there are barely any tweaks updated for Electra / iOS 11.x and he now believes that developing Electra was a waste of time.

He has also announced the fact that he canceled the development of Electra 1.1 and Electra 1.0.4 (the latest public version), as well as 1.0.3, will remain closed source. The rest of the versions are open-sourced on his GitHub. He did not give any reasons for this decision, but it has great implications. With the Electra source code being incomplete and outdated, it is impossible for someone to compile the code and have it built on their Mac and it is also very hard for a different developer to take over Electra and continue it from where Coolstar left.

He also announced that he doesn't have any plans to update Electra to iOS 11.2.x in the future and he claims that iOS 11.3 has patched quite a lot of things making it very hard for iPhone 7 and newer uses. Coolstar also said that a jailbreak for iOS 11.2.x would be pointless and insane because of the lack of packages. I guess he has this points. I am completely neutral towards his decisions, but I just wanted to remind you that, just because Coolstar stopped working on Electra doesn't mean it is the end of the jailbreak. There are other devs that still wanna build stuff, there are vulnerabilities and iOS 11.3 was already jailbroken privately. It is sad tho to see a great developer like coolstar go.

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