iOS 11.2.5/11.0 Disable Automatic iOS Update (For Jailbreak) [New tvOS Beta Profile]

In today's video, I am going to show you how to disable automatic updates on iOS 11.x. If you're planning to jailbreak your device, you most likely want to stay to a certain iOS version that is more likely to receive a jailbreak. Apple has a strange automatic update system implemented on iOS where the phone might automatically download and install the newest iOS version during the night if it is plugged in. Although this is useful for normal users, power users will most likely find this very annoying since Apple doesn't allow iOS downgrades, therefore forcing the user into using the latest version.

The tvOS method used back on iOS 10 to disable the automatic iOS updates is no longer working because the tvOS 10 Betas are no longer a thing on Apple Developer, but worry not, as tvOS 11 Beta is available and therefore, the profile can be used to stop the updates on iOS 11.

How is this method working?
Well, since you're installing a Beta profile, normally the phone will be enabled to download Beta iOS that isn't released to the general public yet, like iOS 11.3, but since we're installing the tvOS profile (for Apple TV), when the device searches for updates it will find no available builds to get, therefore thinking that whatever version you're rocking is the latest. This way, the device will stop nagging you about updates and it will also stop downloading the updates automatically.

This process can easily be undone, you just need to remove the tvOS 11 profile and restart the device – this way you will be able to update again.

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