iOS 11.2/11.2.6 Great Jailbreak News! New Kernel Vulnerabilities | task_for_pid(0) Explained

In today's video, we're discussing the security contents of the iOS 11.3, which revealed the fact that 3 Kernel vulnerabilities exist in iOS 11.2.1 up to iOS 11.2.6. One of these Kernel Vulnerabilities will, fortunately, receive soon a write-up from the security researcher who submitted it to Apple. This is very important for jailbreak development. Kernel vulnerabilities are very powerful. Exploited well, they give one the ability to pretty much do anything with the kernel.

Coolstar said a few months ago that a kernel exploit with tfp0 (task_for_pid(0)) is pretty much what it would take to be able to port Electra at least up to iOS 11.2.2. Although this kernel vulnerability is just PoC for the moment, depending on how powerful it is, it might be enough to get this process started, granted we get to exploit.

The security researcher has to wait 90 days unfortunately before he'll be able to disclose the vulnerability and publish a write-up. This is unfortunate, but it is a rule he has to follow. In meantime, he said he will spend some time to take a deeper look into the vulnerability. This will result in a better write-up.

In this video, I am also explaining what is tfp0 (task_for_pid(0)) and how it affects jailbreaking. The reason I am explaining it is that if you know how stuff works behind these jailbreak tools, you're able to make educated guesses on what iOS version you should stay on, and the importance of various vulnerabilities.

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