PANGU Jailbreak Team iOS Exploiting Workshop | Filza RELEASED for iOS 11

In today's video, we're talking about Pangu Jailbreak Team that will hold a workshop on exploiting iOS and escaping the Sandbox at beVX, and about the official release of Filza on iOS 11 by Tigi Software. Pangu seems to be interested again in the iOS as can be inferred from their presence at Zer0Con where they'll talk about hacking the iOS Kernel, and now at beVX where they'll hold a workshop about escaping the sandbox on iOS and understanding iOS vulnerabilities and exploits.

For some people, this might not seem very important right now, however, what Pangu does is very helpful for the jailbreak community. iOS Exploitation is something only a handful of people know how to do to the level where they can create a jailbreak. It's better for our community to have more and more developers capable of understanding what it takes to build a jailbreak and whatnot. Lately, our community kinda started to run low on developers until some devs popped out of nowhere and brought new jailbreaks like Meridian, Saigon, G0blin, and whatnot. What Pangu Team does is pretty much to share their skills and to teach others their secrets which I find very helpful for the future of iOS Security Research and Jailbreaking.

About Filza, today Tigi Software has finally released the official version of it for iOS 11 jailbreaks. Up until a few hours ago, if you wanted Filza on iOS 11 you had to use a fork like FilzaElectrocuted. While I admire the enthusiasm of the developers behind these forks, I rather stick with the official releases. I am glad Tigi took their time to release it finally.

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