iOS 10.3.3 / 10.3.2 / 10.3.1 64-bit Jailbreak Status: 2 Active Jailbreak Projects!

In today's video, we're discussing the current situation of the iOS 10.3.3, iOS 10.3.2, iOS 10.3.1 and iOS 10.3 Jailbreak. An iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak has been issued a few days ago but it was only for 32-Bit devices, so what is going on? What should iOS 10.3.x 64-Bit user do?

Before we get into this, let's get some things straight. 32-Bit means iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPad 4 while 64-Bit means iPhone 5S and anything after that. The exploit used to create the 32-Bit Jailbreak is a 32-Bit port of the 64-Bit v0rtex exploit published by @s1guza. Since the exploit already exists for 64-Bit devices, and since there are already people working on this, an iOS 10.3.3 and lower 64-Bit Jailbreak is around the corner.

Tethered? Semi-Untethered? Untethered?
These words are often used to indicate the persistence of a jailbreak. Untethered meaning that the jailbreak has persistence after reboot, CodeSign being patched at boot-time thus making the device jailbroken when it powers on. This jailbreak will most likely be Semi-Untethered which means that you have to re-apply it manually after every reboot.

So, the bottom line is that, if you're running iOS 10.3.3, iOS 10.3.2 or iOS 10.3.1, do not update to iOS 11.2 or iOS 11.2.1! A jailbreak will come at some point, just be patient!

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