How to Track A Cell Phone Location and Activity Without Installing Software

In the modern society, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Smartphones are great, you can play games, watch movies, read eBooks and news, and communicate easier than ever, but with all these advantages, there come some drawbacks. If you’re a parent, you have probably already spotted some of them. Your kid starts acting weird, keeping secrets and his grades fall, he spends more and more time alone with his phone doing something.

If you identify yourself with the aforementioned situation you probably know that sometimes giving your child a bit less freedom might be better than giving him too much. Kinds are easily corruptible nowadays, the internet is a place where they can find loads of useful and educative stuff, but at the same time, they can find stuff that might not be recommended for their age: various communities, porn / adult websites, and so on which are very easily accessible with pretty much no barrier as long as the child has an active internet connection.

So how do you track their location and their activity if in doubt?

There are many tools available. Some of them require a physical installation of applications on their devices (which can be detected if your kid is techie enough), some other apps require just their iCloud credentials (if on an Apple device). Best Mobile Spy has compiled a very good tutorial using two of the best Mobile spying tools available without jailbreaking/rooting. You can find their tutorial here.

According to them, the best 2 tools currently available are Highster Mobile and mSpy. Highster Mobile allows you to track their calls, their texts, their photos and their browsing history through the day, which may sound a bit intrusive, but if you’re in doubt and you think your child may be in a danger he’s not aware of, this can come in handy.Track phone

You can track Contacts, call logs, social media apps (like Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp and so on), calendar notes, reminders, voice recordings and all that without jailbreaking the device. If you find yourself in a scenario in which such application would definitely help you, we strongly recommend checking them out.

Highster Mobile user interface


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