New iPhone 7 Photo Leaks – April 2016 | No screen bezels? | Smart Connector?

New photo leaks come from Chinese websites regarding the iPhone 7 rumored to be launched on September by Apple. Will it run iOS X? Will it have no Screen Bezels? Will it feature a Smart Connector as the new iPad Pro does? The pictures look pretty real and if these rumors get confirmed, we prepare for A MAJOR DESIGN CHANGE.

According to Chinese leaks, the phone will feature no headphone jack, but will feature Wireless Charging. Newest leaks also show the back of the phone having an Apple Smart Connector as on the iPAD Pro. But why? Why would Apple add such feature tu an iPhone? On an iPad it is okay as it allows us to connect a Smart Keyboard or similar accessories, but on an iPhone? I can't imagine an iPhone Flip Cover featuring a small keyboard on it.

Fortunately, according to the leaks, the Lightning connector remains the same, so, the old rumors concerning Apple introducing USB-C to the iPhone 7 instead of Lightning are now confirmed as false.

What do you think? Are they real? Tell me in the comments section down bellow your opinion! 🙂

In the following video we show you a couple of leaked photos that seem interesting; All of them have the same origin, China, the land of Foxconn, the place where Apple products begin their life.

Thanks @bellis1000 for inspiration!


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