NEW iOS 9.3.x JAILBREAK NO PC (WebClip for Pangu Jailbreak) by JulioVerne

Today we're discussing about the newly released webclip that allows you to re-activate the Pangu Jailbreak offline on iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3 from developer julioverne. 
As you may know, the iOS 9.3.x PANGU Jailbreak for 64-Bit (which is basically, Pangu's latest public Jailbreak) can be activated via Luca's website after side-loading the IPA, but that requires an internet connection and you need to manually navigate to the website. Luca's JBME website has also experienced some issues lately, and therefore, tweak developer julioverne has created a local webclip (which is like an iOS app that loads a website) to load the content of the JBME page locally. This means that you can access the re-activation page and activate your Pangu Jailbreak even if you're not connected to internet and even if the page is down for any reason.

This is quite nice since the webclip does NOT require you to be jailbroken in order to open it (but you do need to have jailbroken your device with Pangu IPA at least once so that the files are in place).

How to apply the Jailbreak:
(If already jailbroken with Pangu for 9.3.x, skip to step 3.)

  1. Download the IPA from pangu and side-load it.
  2. Jailbreak the device using the app.
  3. Open Cydia and install julioverne's webclip.
  4. Once you restart the device, you will need to apply the jailbreak again, just open the webclip, click go and that is it. 

The webclip, unlike the application, will NOT expire so you will be able to reactivate the jailbreak at any time.

JulioVerne's REPO:
Official Pangu Website
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