iOS 10.3 to iOS 9.x Downgrade Achieved (32-Bit)!

Hi guys! Today, as a follow up to my previous video about the Re-Restore bug, we're talking about the new capabilities that the re-restore bug was found to be holding. 3 Weeks ago when the bug was discovered by a handful of guys on twitter, it was believed it can only get you from iOS 9.3.5 to 9.x with the appropriate SHSH blob, but it turned out one can downgrade from ANY version (iOS 6, iOS 8, iOS 10) back to or up to iOS 9.x (being it iOS 9.3.3, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.3.4, iOS 9.1, etc).

The Re-Restore bug is being integrated in the Prometheus application (futurerestore) created by @tihmstar. As we discussed in yesterday's video, that I recommend you to watch, futurerestore already got 32-Bit support making it possible to downgrade using the bug. Some people already managed to downgrade their devices to iOS 9.x, so the tool might be working good.

Of course, as any other downgrade, this requires saved SHSH blobs for the version you are trying to go to! It does not require Jailbreak but SHSH files are required. If you haven't saved your blobs at the time the specific version was signed, I am afraid is too late now. Please avoid commenting "change the title because it needs SHSH blobs", every restore needs SHSH, this is common sense for anyone who has an idea about how iOS trusted BootChain works.

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