iOS 10.2 – Xcode – How to Build Your First iOS App

In this video I decided to do something different, so I will teach you how to get the basics of Xcode for iOS App creation. We're going to build together your first iOS app that actually does something pretty interesting. Xcode can be used to create apps for iOS, tvOS, macOS (OS X) and even cross-platform, so it will help you understand how your device works even better.

As for this tutorial, you're going to learn how to create the appropriate icons for Retina Displays used by iDevices, how to load them in Xcode and how the Xcode interface works. 
Then we're going to build an app that is able to detect what iOS version you are running and on what kind of device. A pretty simple project, way much easier than what you can do with Xcode, but it still a better starting point than "Hello world" apps.

We're going to code in Objective-C in this tutorial, but if you like this series, I will also make tutorials on Swift language, both widely used in iOS App development. Enjoy!

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