iOS 10.2 – How to Remove The Jailbreak Safely (Unjailbreak)

There are times when you would simply like to refresh everything on your device because things run slower, or a tweak has messed something up, etc. Normally for removing the Jailbreak, the procedure is not easy, and involves Cydia Eraser, but not now. Cydia Eraser hasn't been updated for iOS 10, but in today's video I will be using Coolstar's Stasher for this. The stasher is different compared to the others due to the fact that it only moves to /var/stash the 3rd party fils (belonging to the Jailbreak) so all your system files will remain intact. By having all Jailbreak-related files into one single place, you can then safely remove them, BUT not before you remove Yalu's installation file (to be able to Jailbreak again in the future).

I have seen this method first time posted as a long text tutorial by changemylife99 on Reddit. (Thanks lad!). I've tested this on my iPod Touch, and it works smoothly, but you must pay attention to what files you remove. During the video, a list of files that you should not remove will appear, make sure you keep all the files listed, either way you risk a bootloop.

As a warning note, please don't use iFile! iFile has been outdated for a long time and will most likely create various problems.
This will not update your iOS version.

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