iOS 10.2 – 25PP Jailbreak | WWDC 17 | Luca’s Mixtape Player

In today's video we have 3 important things to discuss: The first being 25PP's iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tool for Windows and we're gonna see Luca's opinion about the tool and wether he recommends it or not, then we're going to move to Luca Todesco's new app, a Mixtape Player compatible with iOS 10.3 Beta and I am going to clean up the misunderstandings that appeared recently concerning this app, then we're going to touch into WWDC 2017 or WorldWide Developer Conference held by Apple every year. It's date was announced and we're hoping for great things to be discussed, probably even iOS 11, maybe some dark mode for iOS?

This is more like an informative video, we touch 3 main subjects that are burning at this moment and so you will be able to understand what happens in the Apple and Jailbreak World.

WWDC 2017:
Luca's Mixtape Player:
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