iOS 10.2.1 Yalu Jailbreak – Yet Another Fake! Warning! 

In today's very quick video, following the requests made by some of you in the comments section and on twitter, I will tell you my opinion (and the arguments for it) about the new "Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1" video that was posted 2 days ago on a 4.000 subscribers channel. The reason I am making the video is because in my opinion, although the video is well made, it is fake as in the video, the jailbreaker taps on a new Yalu IPA and the device immediately resprings or reboots which is impossible. See, an IPA is a package containing the Payload to be deployed (installed). Opening the IPA doesn't open the application until installd (Apple Install Daemon) loads the package and installs it on the device. Only then, you are theoretically able to go on the home screen, tap the installed app and possibly reboot / force a kernel panic, but even so, it won't be THAT instant. The video clearly shows a cleverly made iOS 10.2.1 "Jailbreak" demo, and Cydia running on it, but what makes me even more surprised is the big number of subscribers (4.000) believing that the video is real.

The "jailbreaker" has taken Yalu102 and only modified a label from "iOS 10 to 10.2" to "iOS 10.2.1 to 10.3 pre i7". By keeping the original design and implying that the IPA was made by Luca Todesco, he probably wants to make people believe it is an update to the original Yalu. If you happen to click on the download link on the description, you're automatically redirected to an intrusive advertisement, then to a page that seem to no longer exist, so definitely a hoax.

I hope people will learn from this and avoid such "new" yalu jailbreak IPAs. Because I get questions from you and requests to verify such IPAs, it means that people ARE curious about them and at some point there's even the risk for them to try such things, which would be bad. Stay safe.

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