iOS 10.1.1 – How to install Windows on iPhone (No OS X / No Jailbreak)

THIS WILL NOT REMOVE YOUR iOS! They work together!
As you requested on my video I made about installing Windows 98 on iPhone on OS X, today I made a video on how to do this using your PC / Windows without OS X and without Jailbreak.

In this tutorial I will show you everything you need to do to able to do this and I can tell you, the experience is amazing! Windows 98 runs extremely well on iPhone, I even managed to play Mario on it, it boots pretty fast and you have both iOS and Windows 🙂

Keep in mind that for some reason, iDOS has a small bug, so if you want to hide they keyboard and use windows on full screen (landscape), you need to flip the phone to landscape FIRST, then open the iDOS app. If you open the app first and then flip the app will crash.

Windows and Windows 98 are trademarks of Microsoft 
IDOS is a product of Chaoji Li
Everything provided in this video is for educational and research purposes only.

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Resources Used:
[!] Due to legal concerns you will need to find your own W98 IMG.
iDOS on GitHub:



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