How to Jailbreak iOS 10.2 & More Info

YES! iOS 10.2 Yalu Jailbreak was released and open sourced on GitHub, finally, being on iOS 10.2 isn't a threat anymore. Of course, for the moment it is not compatible with iPhone 7 on 10.2 so iPhone 7 users still need iOS 10.1.1, but it is bound to receive more updates.

It was uploaded as open source (finally) on Github a couple of hours ago by Luca Todesco, and SparkZheng also made an IPA for it so this means you can easily side load it to your iPhone either from Linux, OS X or Windows and Jailbreak. 

Please pay attention on the video to fully understand which are the supported devices and how to Jailbreak them.
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iOS 10.2 Yalu Jailbreak:
Cydia Impactor:


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