How to edit PDF documents on the go with PDFelement for iOS

We, as a society, have grown very accustomed to the technology around us. It used to be that business, school or personal documents were actual paper sheets maybe clipped together with a stapler or simply stored in a classic cardboard folder. Times have changed. Nowadays most of our important documents are files stored on a computer, a phone, a tablet, the cloud or whatnot. The need for quick access to our documents is now greater than ever.

Business trips used to have you carry out a heavy suitcase full of papers, folders and maybe a few personal items and if you wanted to perform modifications to an important document during a flight or a train trip, that would have involved pulling out the document from the suitcase, taking a pen and modifying what could be modified and making the document more of a sketch than a formal document. Today things stay a bit different. With the advent of smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart watches you are closer than ever to all your documents, you can carry out modifications in seconds, and the modifications you do look great like they were part of the document, to begin with.

Many people are familiar with PDF format. It's widely used for documents because it retains the formatting even when you move the document from an operating system to another, a thing that Word documents still need to address. However, PDF files are not easily editable. Most of them are not made to be editable and those that do, would require some proprietary program for that to happen and most likely a computer – or does it?

PDFelement changes the game. Wondershare has decided that your documents must go mobile and released into the iOS App Store a version of their PDF editing software PDFelement. This iOS app allows you to create, edit, highlight and manipulate your PDF documents on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch wherever you are.

These are just a few of the things that PDFelement for iOS lets you do:

  • Edit PDF documents (Change the font, text size, text color, copy, paste, highlight, cut and delete text).
  • Markup & Annotate PDF (You can add text boxes, text call-outs, graphical stamps, drawings and you can also erase).
  • Fill and Sign PDF Forms (You can fill the interactive PDF forms like tax forms, contracts, and other documents and sign your forms with handwriting signature).
  • PDF Converter (The built-in PDF converter allows you to export your PDF files in a variety of formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, HTML, Text, RTF, Pages, XML(.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .txt, .epub, .html, .page, .xml, .rtf, and PDFelement for iOS will attempt to maintain the original formatting of the document).
  • Create & Combine PDF (You can combine multiple files into a single PDF document).
  • Cloud Services & WiFi Transfer (You have quick access from your mobile device to your documents stored on the cloud. You can import files from cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or via WiFi wireless transfer).
  • Camera to PDF (You can build documents from physical sheets by taking a photo of the document and saving it as a PDF or including it into an existing PDF file).
  • Edit an existing non-editable PDF (You can manipulate the pages of an already existing document that is not meant to be edited. PDFelement for iOS allows you to Merge, extract, reorder, rotate and delete PDF pages and to save the edited page into a new document).

Of course, having your documents everywhere you go and have the ability to quickly correct a spelling error, add a quick photo on a last page you've forgotten to fill at the office, or simply being able to edit whatever you want on the go while waiting for the bus, in the train, at the airport or anywhere is just perfect for anybody who uses a lot of documents. Of course, Wondershare also provides a Desktop companion for their PDFelement for iOS, and that is the PDFelement for Mac. If you want to have the same experience on your macOS computer, PDFelement shares the same features with its iOS counterpart and it looks clean and easy to use.

Overall, I think PDFelement for iOS is a very useful piece of software for anybody who deals with documents on a daily basis, including businesses, students, press and other individuals who may want to be in control of their forms and documents even when they are nowhere near a computer. The application can be found on the link below.

The desktop version of PDFelement currently has a special offer of up to 50% off! Check it out on the official PDFelement website!


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