New iCloud Bypass Method (Apple BUG) for iOS 11.0.x | iCloud Bypass Status Updates

In today's video, we're talking about a brand new iCloud Bypass method for 64-Bit Apple devices, that has been discovered in the Setup.App screen. This #iCloud Bypass method is actually a BUG that Apple introduced which allows you to bypass devices if the account to which they are locked has 2FA (Second Factor Authentication) ON! This method doesn't work for devices in Lost Mode (only CLEAN devices work) and it doesn't work if the account doesn't have 2FA enabled.

It has been reported a few days ago on iCloudDNSBypass and on and it is apparently present only on iOS 11.x, so, unfortunately, 32-bit users (iPhone 4S, 5 and 5C, and the iPod Touch 5) can't use this method because these devices can't update to iOS 11.

The method is based on a bug so it is not very stable. I have seen it in action and I know it is legit, the bug is definitely there, but I couldn't reproduce it on my iPod Touch 6th Generation when I tested. Some blokes told me on Twitter that the 2FA must also be with Touch ID on the account for this to work, since iPod Touch 6 doesn't have Touch ID capabilities, I can't tell.

Anyways, if your device is CLEAN (not in lost mode), you can update to iOS 11.0.3 by downloading the IPSW and flashing it with iTunes in Recovery Mode, then attempt this. I am linking the source with the tutorial on how to do it down below.

Note: I did not find this bug/bypass, credits go to for discovering it and for the tutorial on how to do it. Since this is a bug, Apple will most likely patch it soon, so if you are watching this in the future, it is probably already patched.

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