iOS 9.3.3 iPhone 6 Setup.App Patch for iCloud Bypass CFW | New Firmware Manager X Version

Hi guys! I managed to create the patch for Setup.App on iOS 9.3.3 iPhone 6. This patch can be used for creation of CFW (custom firmware) for iCloud Bypass using iTools 3 or LibimobileDevice (updated version). The structure is similar to iOS 9.3.2, only with slight differences.

There are a few tutorials linked down bellow.
Also, In this video I released version 15 of Firmware Manager. This version fixes the issues with iOS 9.3.3 and has a new feature. The new feature consists in a DFU Mode Detector that helps you to detect if you phone really ended up DFU Mode or in Recovery Mode, as iTunes sees them both as Recovery Mode.

Here is a short description of Firmware Manager:

The application comes as a faster access route for the old CLI applications like xpwntool and libimobiledevice project. The application's main purpose is to bring access on CLI applications for firmware DMG Encryption / Decryption, ASR patching and restoring for persons that doesn't understand CLI applications.

This application is currently running on Windows only and requires .NET Framework installed on your computer to be able to run. Unlike other Firmware restore / Modify tools, F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager does not need iTunes to be installed.

Basically, the app uses xpwntool and especially dmg.exe to Decrypt the ROOT FS DMG file inside the .IPSW Firmware using appropriate Firmware Keys, then using the same keys it encrypts back your modified ROOT File System DMG. The same thing applies to ramdisk DMGs inside the IPSW Firmware. The application uses hfsplus to decrypt the ramdisk and allows you to create the patches for ASR, iBSS, iBEC and so on.

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager makes use of libimobiledevice, especially of idevicerestore CLI to restore an iPSW for your iDevice. The device selection is made by UDID and the restore options are: Erase Restore, Update Restore, Custom Restore, and Restore Latest Available. Due to libimobiledevice integration, this app does not require iTunes to restore the iPSW. SHSH Blobs are also fetched automatically by idevicerestore.

This app includes a tool for getting the phone out of Recovery Mode with one click. You can also put the iDevice into Recovery Mode with one single button! It also makes use of ideviceinfo to query all information about your device whenever you need it.

Using libimobiledevice, this application is able to query all information about the connected device, such as UDID, IMEI, WLAN Address, IDs, Settings, Activation status, Serials, Sim Status, Baseband, Versions of iBOOT, Baseband, iOS etc.

It also include a tool that brings you to Apple's official Activation Status Check page. You can check here the IMEI or Serial Number to make sure the iDevice you are buying is not iCloud locked!

Using the application you can also decrypt and patch all IMG3 files (like iBOOT, RecoveryMode, LLB, AppleLogo, etc.), DFU Files (iBEC, iBSS), KernelCache file and ASR.

The backup function allows you to create independent backups that does not interfere with iTunes ones so you can study the iOS backup system, trigger iOS hidden features by editing PLISTS and study potential exploits or glitches.

The Firmware Manager can also calculate OSVarSize value and the Base64 hash of a file. You can also detect if the device is in DFU Mode.

Everything is in the description.


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