iOS 10.1.1 – iPhone 6 / 6 Plus – Full iCloud Bypass With CFW (Windows) + Proofs

As I managed to get into this device's weakness, today I created the tutorial on how to make the CFW for iPhone 6 (and most likely iPhone 6 Plus) for iOS 10.1.1 iCloud Bypass.

Please bear in mind that this method is a work in progress and is not be compatible with all iPhone 6 models or revisions, it is subjected to changes, additions and modifications as per research conclusions. All errors that usually appear during the process are documented in the F.A.Q. page attached in the IMPORTANT section .

The procedure is not easy and prior iOS components / firmware modification knowledge is strongly advised. We have an entire playlist for that.

We highly recommend you to read the F.A.Q. page before you begin in case you get any errors, as this is a work in progress and errors might appear.
This video comes with no guarantees and should be treated "as is". I am not liable for any damages you do to the device by using the method. If you run in any issues with the device, a simple iTunes restore to the latest untouched firmware should solve it.

Not affiliated in any way with Apple Inc.

==Download Section==
F.C.E. 365 Lilo App:…
Setup.App Patch:…
Cydia Impactor:
Firmware Manager:

F.A.Q Page (READ IT!):


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