iOS 10.2.1 CFW iCloud Bypass Setup.App for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

This patch is created for iOS 10.2.1 Beta 3 and the future versions, for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it might work tho on iPhone 6S as well, I did not test yet on iPhone 6S and 5S, but if you have time, do it and tell me in the comment section down bellow.
There are also a couple of new things we need to discuss: Now the patches page contains the tutorial right next to every patch so that you will always know which video to follow, and I also created a new documentation page about how Setup.App works, how we patch it, why and about iCloud Activation mechanism in general, so you can check it out to be able to understand these patches even better.

If you need a new tutorial for 10.2.1, tell me down here in the comments, the one linked still works tho.

The Setup.App Patch:
The CFW Tutorial:
Setup.App Documentation:


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