How to monitor your children with KidsGuard Pro for iOS – Full Review

Nowadays, the dangers that children are facing online are getting increasingly complicated. Unbeknownst to them, they are exposed on a daily basis to media that may or may not be targeted for their age, predators on social media, and even scam applications and websites.

Protecting our kids should be our first priority, but it gets increasingly harder to watch over them when all they do is be glued on a screen all day. We should not make the confusion and consider the internet or the electronics in our children’s lives as being the enemy, however, as parents, we must be proactive in limiting their exposure to dangerous content and dangerous people. KidsGuard Pro for iOS is a tool that aids in exactly that, keeping tabs on your kids for their own good.

How does monitoring their online activity protect our children?

A stunning amount of parents believe that unsupervised access of young children to the internet is a good thing because they do not want to infringe their child’s freedom. There is, however, a difference between freedom and carelessness.

In 2020, about 65,116 unique victims of child abuse were reported in Texas alone, the most out of any state. In that same year, California, New York, Illinois, and Florida rounded out the top five leading states with the most victims of child abuse.

Keeping a few tabs on your children may not be a bad idea. Yes, even monitoring their Safari browser history. After all, you are doing it for their own protection and it’s a painless process for both you and them if you use software like KidsGuard Pro which is designed to be easy to use and requires no modifications to the device, such as jailbreaking or rooting.

KidsGuard Pro's Interface on Mac KidsGuard Pro’s Interface on Mac

How to set up KidsGuardPro on the device?

Many applications exist for monitoring your children, but aside from the fact that they may not all work well, they may require complicated jailbreak procedures on the device, or they may be cumbersome to configure on your computer, they also have a serious price tag.

I found KidsGuardPro quite easy to set up. In fact, here are all the steps you need to follow in order to configure the program:

  1. Register your account and purchase a subscription on KidsGuardPro’s website.
  2. Download and install the KidsGuardPro application from the AppStore on your kid’s device.
  3. Scan the iDevice data (can be done with or without WiFi).
  4. Begin actively monitoring.

It really boils down to making an account and installing an app. As simple as that.

Do not worry if you do not have WiFi access, the configuration can be done via USB as well. For this method, KidsGuard Pro for iOS will be able to monitor the iDevice by backing up its data using the USB cable connection with the device connected to the computer.

While the WiFi method is more elegant and recommended, the backups you can create using the program and the device connected to the computer are enough to be able to extract information like:

  • Conversations
  • Contacts list
  • Applications installed
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Notes
  • Location
  • Call History

KidsGuardPro also works for extracting the WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Line, WeChat, and QQ conversations.

It’s also possible to view the Safari browsing history if you want to see what your children are accessing on their devices. You can then use the information to set up parental locks on the device, such as restricted URLs, or even set Screen Time to limit their exposure to various applications, especially those applications that tend to eat a lot of time such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, etc.

KidsGuard Pro Scan Results KidsGuard Pro Scan Results

The ability to view all the photos and videos on your children’s devices is a particularly useful tool, especially since a lot of children are nowadays pressured into sending nudes to random people on the internet who either blackmail them or sweet-talk them into doing this.

Children are often afraid to talk with an adult when they receive inappropriate messages or when they are pressured to send nude pictures, so this way you will know what’s going on before the situation gets critical.

Once set up via WiFi, KidsGuard Pro will automatically collect data for you and will display it in your dashboard. This way, you don’t really need to get your children’s devices and physically browse them.

This may even help catch things your kids may try to hide. It’s much more likely they will delete any inappropriate data on their devices if they know you will physically get their devices and check them regularly. KidsGuardPro allows you to get the data on those devices without even touching them.


We believe our children’s protection and safety are paramount, and KidsGuardPro enables the parents and guardians to monitor what’s going on in their children’s lives.

With an easy-to-install application and a comprehensive dashboard, KidsGuardPro offers the tools you need at a competitive price with great customer service and great device compatibility.


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